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Amended Rules on Carbon Tax Licensing

2nd March 2020 * Rules relating to licensing and registration or carbon tax have been now been finalised and are effective. * The consolidated licensing of facilities requires all facilities to be listed and detailed in a consolidated form (DA185) which must be registered at a single tax office. * Amendments to... 

Cova predicts export success for SA's automakers

2nd March 2020 South Africa is selling fewer new vehicles than it did five years ago. A sizeable 13% less, in fact, according to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa). 

Cova Advisory supports tree planting programme

2nd March 2020 In 2019 Cova Advisory renewed their commitment to environmental sustainability and social impact through the donation of 211 trees to Food & Trees for Africa‘s (FTFA’s) Trees for All programme. The commitment was launched with a tree planting volunteer day held at Moduopo School in Tembisa,... 

Cova TradeWise – Edition 3 – February 2020

2nd March 2020 The Cova Customs Team monitors legislative updates and changes to South African and global trade legislation where it may impact South African business, on a regular basis. Our highlights appear below, with an option for greater detail, should any of these be specific to your business. Changes to... 

Cova says Mboweni should protect incentives for manufacturing

2nd March 2020 The focus of this month’s budget will inevitably be on the country’s economic woes — poor growth, high unemployment, not enough taxes being collected. But instead of focusing on the problems, why not consider the solutions? It seems likely that the bailouts of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) will... 

Draft Carbon Tax Regulations: Stakeholder Consultation on Performance Benchmarks and Trade Exposure on 19th February 2020

2nd March 2020 National Treasury held a stakeholder consultation process on 19 February 2020 to discuss the draft Performance Benchmark and Trade Exposure Regulations that were published for comment. It is vital that these regulations are finalised so companies with a carbon tax liability can finalise the... 
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