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Better flow of Work with Apex Strip Curtains

4th March 2020 Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are used to enhance workplace demarcation and workflow. Wim Dessing, sales executive at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, highlights the advantages. As the manufacturing industry pays closer attention to best practice, quality control and safety in the workplace,... 

Appropriate Selection Of High Speed Doors Essential

13th January 2020 Selecting a high speed door is not all that simple and that incorrect selection can impact on the efficiency of an operation and lead to additional costs being incurred. Apex Strip Curtains is able to assess individual application requirements and recommend the best overall solution.   Selecting... 

Controlling Dust, Insects And Heat Means More Hygienic Conditions

9th December 2019 The ineffective control of dust and insects, coupled with variances in temperature, result in hygiene as well as health and safety compliance problems. Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains offer an affordable and viable solution for a number of these applications. With large volumes of pedestrian... 

OHS Compliance Easy With Apex Welding And Safety Screens

11th July 2019 Zero tolerance is being exercised by the Department of Labour towards companies that do not comply with the health and safety regulations stipulated in the Occupational Health and Safety  (OHS) Act. Wim Dessing, sales executive of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says this is particularly with regard... 

Quality Strip Curtains Offer Affordable Solution

25th June 2019 Blurb for online platforms High quality PVC strip curtains offer an affordable solution in applications where dirt, dust or insects need to be kept out and where hygiene, humidity, temperature and noise need to be controlled. 

Smart Reset Door From Apex Takes Load Shedding In Its Stride

27th March 2019 As the renewed wave of load shedding disrupts business in myriad ways, the Smart Reset Door from Apex Strip Curtains & Doors makes sure that access is not impeded when power unexpectedly goes out. The Apex Smart Reset Door – popular in warehouses and industrial plants – is well equipped to deal... 
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