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New products launched at Nampo Harvest Day

Exhibitors use alluring offers and prizes to attract traffic to their stands

Bearings and accessories distributor Bearings International (BI) will launch its Agri HUB bearings and the blue and white Agri Grease sachets at the Grain SA Nampo Harvest Day that will be held from May 14 to 17, near Bothaville, in the Free State.

The Agri HUB bearings have been designed specifically for use in agriculture equipment such as combine harvesters, planters, balers, tractors, spreaders, mixers, and hammer mills.

“These specialised bearings have been developed to withstand the harsh conditions in which these machines have to operate,” says BI agriculture business development leader Gerhard Pienaar.

He notes that the bearings feature special tri-ply seals designed in a one-piece triple-lip seal moulded to an electroplated shroud cap that extends to the outer circumference of the bearing. This is to protect the bearings against dust and moisture contamination.

BI also has specially packed fastener kits that include the correct bolts and nuts for these Agri HUB bearings, as well as the different coulters with which farmers operate.

The design of the Agri HUB bearings is such that the operating life is extended under harsh operating conditions.

“One-piece designs with different adaptor shafts reduce the need for extensive spares replacements in different applications and are, therefore, very cost effective.”

BI offer marketing manager Victor Strobel boasts that the new 200 mℓ Agri Grease sachets for general-purpose agricultural application are simple to apply, and very easy to carry around, which is perfect for a farmer attending to machinery in the field.

Meanwhile, other products on display at Nampo will include power transmission supplier Bauer’s aluminium three-phase 380 V motors, and industrial cleaning supplier Citronol’s environment-friendly hand cleaners and degreasers. Power tools manufacturer Makita’s cordless power tools will also be available at the stand.

Additionally, the lubricants of industrial chemicals wholesaler Rocol, and the housed bearings and shaft-mounted gearboxes of industrial manufacturer Dodge can be viewed by visitors.

Pienaar points out that Nampo brings together producers and other role-players in the agriculture industry to experience the latest technology and products on offer first-hand.

Further, Strobel mentions that, to promote traffic to the BI stand, a toolbox by tools manufacturer Jonnesway Agri will be given away every day of the event. The toolboxes contain tools essential to the maintenance of agriculture machinery in the field. Visitors to the BI stand must place their business card in the draw to stand a chance to win one of the toolboxes.

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