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Council for GeoScience expands drilled ‘core’ centre.

The Council for GeoScience's of Pretoria is reporting significant success in its plan to develop a comprehensive core-samples archive.

It states that it has obtained many more samples from a variety of sources throughout South Africa since the start of the project in 2001.

The project is centred at a 18-hectare property in Donkerhoek, Pretoria, which is now reportedly filled up with geological specimens taken from across the country and donated to the project by organisations such as Gencor and Goldfields South Africa.

Initially the plans indicated that the facility would need upgrading in year 2020.

However, such has been the success of the project that the storage facility was recently upgraded.

The installers of the first racking structure, Universal Storage Systems, were called in again to plan, manufacture and install the new section.

The specially designed new structure was created by Universal and covers an area of 2600 sq m.

Based on their internationally renowned racking product, which is reinforced by specially designed and reinforced quality steel, the installation required 12 km of supporting rail and this rail required 180 t of steel.

The cores in the system are all filed in such a way that the warehouse workers are easily able to identify each one and remove it from the rack for transport onto the scientists requiring the detailed core information.

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