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Atlas Copco enhances its low emission, low noise E-Air solutions with electric fixed-speed and VSD compressors

Throughout 2019, Atlas Copco will be introducing two additional fixed-speed and three new electric Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressors to its E-Air range.

This year Atlas Copco will add the E-Air T400 and the E-Air T500 to its fixed-speed E-Air T900, the first mobile electric air compressor introduced by the compressor specialist in 2016. Customers whose applications require varying air demands can look forward to three new VSD electric compressors, the E-Air H 250 and H 450 as well as the E-Air V 1100, covering all air demands from 250 to 1100 cfm.

Best-in-class efficiency at partial load is driven by the integrated VSD-driven permanent magnet electric motor which, compared to the fixed-speed electric compressor that needs a start-up current peak, requires only low power for start-up. “This means that there is no need to oversize the power supply nor the pneumatic tools,” notes David Stanford, Business Line Manager, Portable Air at Atlas Copco Power Technique.

Furthermore, the smart socket system on the E-Air H 250 VSD model provides end users with the flexibility to use the same machine with multiple outlet sockets (63, 32 and 16 Amp).

According to Stanford, the new E-Air offerings are launched against the back drop of a successful 2018 which saw the launch of product innovations like the 8 Series Utility and DrillAir compressors with PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) technology that delivers improved efficiencies.

The new VSD E-Air range’s PACE system enables users to control the pressure between 5 and 12 bar in precise 0.1 bar increments, thus assisting them to adjust the flow to the optimal level required for their application. “Therefore, one compressor can handle various jobs that previously would have required multiple compressors,” notes Stanford.

The E-Air range provides a reliable flow of compressed air without any diesel emissions.  The absence of emissions make the E-Air range the perfect match for work zones that demand low emissions such as underground applications like mining or tunnelling.

As air ventilation is a part of these industries’ running costs, the efficient zero-emission VSD electric range will contribute to reduced operational costs. Moreover, end users can rest assured they are in line with emission regulations not only today but also in the future.

With the ability to operate as quietly as 61 dB(A) which is a lower level than a conversation, the new VSD E-Air H 250 is ideal for environments such as residential areas or enclosed spaces such as subways, tunnels or mines that require low noise levels.  The VSD E-Air range is also equipped as standard with an after-cooler, providing high-quality air for applications like sandblasting. 

From a reliability point of view, Atlas Copco has designed the IP65-rated VSD E-Air range for tough working environments with features including: Potted motor windings prevent dust and water ingression while the proven HardHat canopy (for the VSD E-Air H 250 and 450) and three-layer anti-corrosion paint system provide solid protection.

A water-cooled drive (IP67-rated) and a single-sheet steel, non-welded undercarriage further add to the ruggedness of this mobile electric VSD range. The standard spillage-free frame that offers complete fluid containment. “These features not only protect the end user’s investment but also ensure that they have a reliable compressed air source for their application,” adds Stanford.

The VSD E-Air compressors are smaller and lighter than equivalent diesel air compressors; the E-Air H 250 weighs less than 750 kg.

The plug-and-play electric-powered mobile air compressors are all about convenience. There is no need for refuelling and the electric motors require no servicing while the compressor requires minimum service levels of only once every two years or 2000 hours.

The versatile VSD E-Air range is perfect for back-up applications, temporary extensions of compressed air systems, or to provide reliable compressed air flow when a stationary compressor installation is undergoing maintenance.

For 146 years, Atlas Copco has been innovating and focusing on sustainable solutions with customers top of mind. The new electric-powered compressors are in step with Atlas Copco’s new sustainable portable air, power and flow equipment unveiled at Bauma 2019 that reduces operational expenditure through enhanced clean drive technology, connectivity and versatility. Alongside the new fixed-speed and VSD electric mobile compressors, the company has also updated its existing diesel air compressor portfolio through cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that its entire compressor portfolio complies with the latest diesel emission regulations.

Hendrik Timmermans, Vice-President of Atlas Copco’s Portable Air division, commented: ‘From enhanced efficiency to improved noise levels and no diesel engine emissions, the benefits of going electric within specific applications cannot be overstated. The new Variable Speed Drive electric compressor range is a game changer when it comes to clean drive technology for rough and dusty environments like underground tunnelling and mining. We have the experience to protect your investment in these circumstances.’                                                                

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