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Abeco Tanks Supports Local all the Way

5th December 2019 ‘Buy local, support local’ has been a company ethos which is deeply ingrained in the Abeco Tanks business model and has contributed to the company’s success over the last three decades. Since inception Abeco Tanks took a decision to manufacture its steel water storage tanks using local steel,... 

A water continuity strategy in Africa is critical to economic success

29th October 2019 - Steps for implementing a water continuity plan for organisations, industry and cities The world’s sources of water supply are under immense stress and the impact of water shortages are debilitating cities, organisations and communities every day. It is estimated by 2025, no fewer than 25 of the... 

Abeco Tanks: thriving for over 35 years

19th September 2019 An innovation-focused company that has been both a pioneer in water storage solutions and a champion of water as the most important currency in Africa, has achieved a major milestone in its history. The Johannesburg-based company - which was founded by Mannie Ramos Snr. in 1983 – celebrates over... 
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